With the dawn of the 21st century, humanity has entered into the neo-genesis era of internet where every fellow person is in one way or another netizen. Subsequently, due to the sudden rise in the number of people entering the virtual space, there has been a great influx of digital media as well. Hence, this process has given birth to innumerable online creators in India and thus content writing services as well.

Most of the content writing services revolve around the Search Engine Optimisation process which leads to formation of articles that are specifically targeted towards the concerned audience. Once a service is hired in India, it assigns one or more of its writers towards the requirements of the contractor. Many times, these services open up positions for freelancers as well. Now, the first task in the hand of the creator is to do research regarding the content required by the company. 

This may include various tools, analytics and computer analysis. A writer would then develop an acute structure for the keywords required by the contractor which is necessary for swaying the audience. Then there are various other processes that the article goes through as majority of the content writing services in India also act as a marketing forefront and hence try to gather the largest audience possible. These processes range from content marketing to link building to even traffic monitoring and ranking analysis. Therefore, a virtuous cycle of freelancing, content creation and flexible employment is created by the content writing services in India.

The single most polarising conundrum with content creation is the bias of the creator. Something is considered biased a person, until and unless it matches his/her own bias. That is one of the most important reasons why writers need to be unbiased or at least follow the direction required by the employer to ensure professionalism. 

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